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"We're all about service!"

We're not your average title company. We bring a precise, quality approach to our transactions. Our integrity shows, from the time you first place an order, all the way through to a smooth closing and timely funding. You’ll immediately notice our professionalism and accuracy, a difference that helps us to stand head and shoulders above the rest.


Our coverage areas are always expanding, so please return to this site regularly to see if we have added your particular jurisdiction. We currently service the following counties:














After a buyer and seller negotiate the terms of their deal and sign a sales contract, many tasks must be completed before they can officially close the deal. As the title and escrow company coordinating the transaction's many elements, Colonial Title Group facilitates the process of getting buyer and seller to the settlement table by working closely with real estate professionals, brokers, lenders, insurers and others to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Title Insurance

Our Title Insurance Services are designed to afford homeowners, lenders, and others protection from adverse title claims or risks. Title insurance is significantly different from other forms of insurance in many respects. The purpose of most other forms of insurance is risk assumption, the primary purpose of title insurance is to eliminate risks and prevent losses that can occur when a title is defective. Colonial Title Group works with industry leading underwriters to provide you with the most comprehensive and well researched insurance products available.

Closing Agents

As your closing agent, Colonial Title Group acts as a third party to ensure that: All provisions of the real estate sales contract are fulfilled; the Seller has good and marketable title to convey to the Purchaser; Lender's instructions and conditions are met; all costs incident to the sale (e.g. required inspections, lender fees, escrow account contributions, title insurance premiums, loan payoffs, homeowner association dues,  taxes of all types, etc.) are paid and/or prorated to the appropriate parties; and that sale proceeds are disbursed in accordance with the Seller's directions and local laws.

Meet the Team

We have a full friendly staff waiting to serve you. We understand that in order to achieve our client's goals we must maintain an environment that caters to success. Colonial Title Group creates an excellent professional environment that is challenging, rewarding, creative, and respectful of ideas and individuals. We leverage the latest in technology, providing our customers with the ultimate in customer service and satisfaction.

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